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>On Sunday, March 26, 2000 5:40 PM EvMick wrote:
> > I'm a rarity even among book readers.....I read Science Fiction. Not
>fantasy....not westerns....not mystery.....(although they will do in a
>pinch....ANY book is better than No book) when they ask me what I'm gets puzzeled responses...

>EvMick might also consider like keeping an extra copy of something really
>accessible to all -- like _The First Immortal_ -- to give away. I would
>not, if I did this, act like a salesman with free samples. Instead, I
>would just always have a copy in my truck and pass it along. At about $7 a
>pop, it's not too expensive and the novel itself, though not the best in
>terms of new ideas per page, is probably good for anyone, even if the
>reader is not all that interested in science fiction.
My two bits!
>Daniel Ust

Sad to say, TFI would probably be high on my list for giveaways as well, for
lack of anything to substitute. I profoundly disagree, however, with
Halperin's sense of life and politics, and his actual writing style is of
the kind that originally gave SF a bad name - although it's certainly
readable. The worst thing, however, which was also the case with The Truth
Machine, is that these "novels" are in fact thinly disguised propaganda from
the Drexlerian elitist technocratic camp. I know something of the origins
of both novels, as it was I who laid out the plot for TTM to Halperin back
around 1980, and I vaguely recall suggesting that if the novel succeeded
then he might consider a follow-up focusing on cryonics.

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