Meme Infection

Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 18:40:19 MST

This happens to me,....on the average....three or four times a year.

I was walking back to my truck across the parking lot. Typical in one way I'm atypical.

I usually have a book. In this instance it was a hardback (Micheal Flynn's
"Lodestar") so it was visible....paperbacks are less obvious.

Carrying a book is an identifying factor sets us apart....we
not only CAN read...but we do it for pleasure. Obviously....because the
stuff truckers read "professionally" don't look anything like novels. reading truckers identify each other and congregate...and discuss
what they read.

I'm a rarity even among book readers.....I read Science Fiction. Not
fantasy....not westerns....not mystery.....(although they will do in a
pinch....ANY book is better than No book) when they ask me what I'm gets puzzeled responses...

To make a long story and this other guy stood in the middle of
the parking lot for maybe an that time I gave him a crash
course on a few extropian topics (orbital towers, cloneing,
uploading.....etc.).....all from a SF vantage.

Toward the end there he was looking a little bit like a deer in the

He's hooked though.....infected.

Mt. Vernon Illinois..

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