The Matrix; how to fix it?

From: Emlyn, onetel (
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 22:50:59 MST

Quite belatedly, I've just seen the Matrix. There was a lot of talk hereabouts on said film way back when it was still crispy fresh celluloid. Lots of people loved it, lots hated it.

Out of ten, I give it ten for style, zero for character development, minus two for acting, minus several million for plot. It really should have won oscars; Best Jacket and Best Supporting Leather Catsuit.

Given the central idea that we are all really in a computer simulation without our knowledge, the whole show run by some external force, how do you fix the plot to not be so dumb? You've got to scrap all the "outside the matrix; real world" stuff, which was crap (the duracell theory). It's not allowed to become Terminator. It must be consistent. Ideas?

Emlyn (winner of the oscar for Best New Notebook with DVD and Now I'm a Happy Geekboy Watching Old Vids, 2000).

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