Re: The Matrix; how to fix it?

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Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 08:11:04 MST

"Stirling Westrup" <> writes:

> Emlyn, onetel wrote:
> > Given the central idea that we are all really in a computer simulation
> > without our knowledge, the whole show run by some external force, how do
> > you fix the plot to not be so dumb? You've got to scrap all the "outside
> > the matrix; real world" stuff, which was crap (the duracell theory). It's
> > not allowed to become Terminator. It must be consistent. Ideas?
> Two simple solutions, either of which is sufficient:
> 1) Everything the 'escaped' humans know is wrong. This is either due to
> 'clues' planted by the machines, or subtle manipulation while they're in
> the matrix, or both. The upshot of it is, the humans are free because the
> machines WANT them to be. Its part of a bigger conspiracy.
> 2) Everything the 'escaped' humans know is logically consistant with the
> laws of physics. The human/machine battle, the duracell effect,
> everything. What they don't know is that this is only possible because
> they are STILL living in a simulation and the laws of physics were
> contrived to have this outcome.

Why not combine them? The "real world" is just the next layer of a
13th floor wedding cake of realities. This is because the machines are
really nice guys, and want to provide their "batteries" (actually
human-derived cognitive coprocessors providing computing power,
emotions, entertainment, ambition and a lot of other services) with
the best and most stimulating world possible. Agent Smith lied to
Morpheus, everybody are inside the ideal world simulation the machines
originally made - experiencing being a world-saving hero fighting
against all odds but slowly gaining grounds is probably profoundly
enjoyable in the long run. Just living in utopia doesn't work, but
fighting for utopia is another thing.

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