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Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 18:16:51 MST

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> I'd have to spend more time than I have today to calculate the costs
> of making the N2 bricks, but I'm pretty sure the manufacturing costs
> for the bricks would be much more than the fuel savings. Figure
> it this way -- I've heard that Liq. N2 costs about as much as milk.
> As a very gross estimate, I'd bet you need fill up with several
> times as much Liq. N2 as gasoline. N2 bricks would be slightly more
> expensive and you would have to shovel them into your "locomotive".

Sorry I haven't been online for a while...

Regarding this thread ...the sub orbital tower one...and dirgibles...

Tie them all together. (which is what i was considering )

How expensive would it be to manufacture nitrogen bricks at the top of a
suborbital tower....and deliver them "overhead" to their point of use via
stratospheric dirgibles....dropping them via parachute....

Just a thought.


Mt Vernon Illinois....(via two trips to texas since florida)

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