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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 23:40:30 MST wrote:

> All power sources that I'm familar with go from hot to cold.

Thermodynamics. Not just a good idea, its the second law.

> My truck has a radiator, electric company generators have cooling towers,
> etc. etc. There must be a tempeture differential for power to be produced.
> How about if we go about it backwards?

Cant go that way, any more than you can pick up speed coasting
uphill outta gear in that rig you're driving.

> How much "Coldth" can be concentrated in a mobile source? Is a solid
> nitrogen brick possible?

Sure it is. Sounds like an expensive way to dump heat, but it would
work great, give you high efficiency. But why make nitrogen bricks
when you can dump the heat directly into the air with your radiator?

> In this instance the ambient temp. of the atmosphere would heat the nitrogen
> brick causing (hopefully) a useful pressure differential. The only exhaust
> would be nitrogen....chilly nitrogen dioxides even...

Roger all that. EvMick, I can tell from your posts that you are a
bright chap. You should borrow or buy yourself a book on thermo-
dynamics for engineering students. Thermodynamics is one field that
makes total sense. You dont even need advanced math training to
grok it. Next time you drive that diesel rig this way you can borrow
mine. Look up carnot cycle and carnot efficiency and it will explain
everything you need to know. Sounds like you have practically
figured it all out on intuition alone, an admirable thing in itself.

Your diesel rig likely has a turbocharger that is driven by
exhaust gas, which technically makes it a Brayton cycle with
a verrry complicated combustion chamber.

> EvMick
> Wildwood Florida..

Wildwood! That isnt all that far from my old stomping
grounds. Do drive carefully EvMick. I am honored to
have you as a friend. spike

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