Technology: Inverted energy source..

Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 17:46:45 MST

Earlier this year I made reference to a website which purported to be able to
produce power from a presently unknown "law" of physics. Hydrino's I beleive
it was called.....BlackLight power company.

I beleive Spike set the record straight by saying mentioning that for power
to be derived there must be a differential. That is....there must be a heat
source and a heat sink.

I've been thinking about that. (lotsa time to think driving down the
highway...particularly if youre allergic to commercial radio).

All power sources that I'm familar with go from hot to cold. By that I mean
that the power source(gasoline, diesel, electric, charcoal, firewood,
whatever) is concentrated. Using this concentrated heat source and some
type of mechanism a tempetrure differential is produced with the ambient.

My truck has a radiator, electric company generators have cooling towers,
etc. etc. There must be a tempeture differential for power to be produced.

How about if we go about it backwards?

How much "Coldth" can be concentrated in a mobile source? Is a solid
nitrogen brick possible?

Assume it is (or something like it).....could usable amounts of electricity
be developed using "thermocouple technology"? Or merely by letting the
nitrogen boil off and powering "steam" engines?

In this instance the ambient temp. of the atmosphere would heat the nitrogen
brick causing (hopefully) a useful pressure differential. The only exhaust
would be nitrogen....chilly nitrogen dioxides even...

Wildwood Florida..

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