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Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 06:06:49 MST

Daniel Ust wrote:
Comparing it to "2001: A Space Odyssey" is like comparing Jewel's poems to
those of Blake. :)

Wow, that is really saying something! Jewel is not too well liked in Alaska
after she denied being an Alaskan in a California interview. The local
radiostations mock her and there was a "I used to know Jewel before she was
famous" article in a paper that wasn't too flattering. She cancelled her
last concert here which put the final nail in her coffin.

you continue:
But even if the film were good, it would not be like "2001" simply because
Kubrick was going down a different path. (If you wanta film that's similar
to "2001," see Takovsky's "Solaris.")

I have seen _Solaris_ and own a copy of the video. I had a hard time
initially getting into it but then got hooked into the story. It was very
eerie realizing what was going on. Some friends of mine called it boring
but never gave it a chance.

Another great Russian film is _Stalker_ and tells the story of some sort of
meteorite that somehow 'warped' the reality around the crashsite in an
everchanging way. A 'tourguide' takes a small group into the forbidden
area. This film is excellent and very philosophical.

best regards,

John Grigg
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