_Mission to Mars_ (Why doesn't someone else directly solve our problems?)

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 05:54:31 MST

Brent Allsop wrote:
Are you listening ETs!!!??? Gods!!!???? screw your "prime directive", or any
other "theodicy" or excuse you can come up with for hiding and not helping.
Please get down hear and do whatever you can to help me save my parents and
everything else who is about to die.

Brent, I have had similar thoughts and feelings. It would be nice if the
'galactic U.N.' would send rescue workers to our world to cure all our
diseases and to greatly extend lifespan. But I honestly believe that even
if they are out there that they believe (and perhaps rightly) that we need
to develop and grow technologically and culturally without their
intervention. They could greatly damage our potential and stifle us by
doing such a rescue effort. You are thinking in terms of individual lives
but they may be thinking about the human race as a whole and see the deaths
of individuals as sad but a part of things until we deal with our problems
by developing the necessary technologies. Growth through pain.

And we both know that at least some religions teach that this life is just
the blink of an eye to God and that we must simply endure and do the best we
can until it is over. In the next life we will gain all the rewards we
deserve and see this life as a very short but crucial learning experience.

you continue:
I guess, as long as there is something dieing about every second or so on
this planet, I won't be satisfied with an ET movie until the ETs in the
story come rushing in with their hospital ships, emergency rescue vehicles,
sirens a blazing and lights aflashing... or whatever, and do all they can to
help save those people from dieing before anything else. What's all this
crap about: "What would you ask a more intelligent alien?" The answer, it
seems to me, should be obvious.

I'd like to see a film where this begins to happen but then the 'space
patrol' arrests them and they are tried for interfering with an inferior
civilization. The focus of the film would be the trial.

you wrote:
The question should be: "How can I save my grandparents... and everything
else that is about to die down here before it is to late!?"

If there is an afterlife then they will be alright but if not then it will
be a great loss. Have you told them about cryonics? Perhaps, they would
surprise you by being interested.

you wrote:
How smart does an ET have to be before he knows that that is the one and
only most fundamental and important of all question or issue that must be
dealt with first before anything else?

He just may not see things the way you do. A different perspective and
value system that comes from a different culture and biology. Again,
he/she/it may wish he could help us but it is better for us to make our own
way and gain the confidence and experience that would come from that.

you wrote:
Until a movie or story or religion gets at least remotely close to such a
plain, simple, and fundamentally obvious truth, I'll be very disappointed
with any ET story or depiction of some supposed powerful God in some
religion or whatever. How can we, as a society, be so completely blind and
ignorant in all of our Sci-Fi fantasies and our religions to what seems to
me to be so blatantly obvious

In most sci-fi the alien tries to share the cure for cancer but is shot by
an ignorant mob! Now, that could never happen, right? And as for religion,
many clergy, believers and theologians have wrestled with this issue for
centuries, and had their own challenges with it.

Again, I think I understand where you are coming from. But perhaps the
world is changing in a way so that the horrors you describe will be a thing
of the past in less then a century. Perhaps.


John Grigg

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