Re: Waco Test Shows "OBVIOUS GUNFIRE"

From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 20:30:11 MST

To clarify, the FLIR video and events I speak of
in the text below refer to the April 19, 1993 FLIR,
NOT to yesterday's tests. Mike McNulty's new video
( shows the footage
from the 1993 Waco FLIR where you CAN see the agents
doing the shooting, which you can see for the reasons
stated below. This critical fact is being avoided by
the Govt and the major media. We are instead being
led to assume shooters are never visible in the
1993 FLIR video, which is a false assumption.

Shooters are visible sometimes in the 1993 FLIR, and
the reasons why they are visible when they are and
why they are not when they are not are explained by
predictable consequences of temperature conditions;
there's really no room in logic for the Govt spin,
and those in the media are capable of knowing this.

At 08:42 PM 03/20/2000 -0500, I wrote:
> However, as McNulty's latest video shows, two gunmen
> CAN be seen with muzzle flashes occurring exactly in
> front of them, and these gunmen just exited a tank,
> unlike the gunmen inherently in the other positions.
> These gunmen can be seen as black, human-shaped objects
> since their clothing is cooler than the ground because
> they just exited the air-conditioned tank. The fact
> is if you see these flashes of light, they're quite
> obviously gun shots, they flash a rates equal to a
> machine gun and you can see their pear shape, ie, they
> are wide at the muzzle end and taper in the direction
> the gun is being fired. As the fire starts, you can also
> see embers flashing as they blow in the wind. There is
> an unmistakable difference between the gun flashes
> and the flashes of embers blowing away from the fire.
> You never see any glints of light in the large fields
> of building debris, nor do you ever see reflections of
> the sun in the pool of water from the many angles of
> view as the plane circles above, but you do see the
> reflection of the sun in the same pool with a visible-
> radiation video taken overhead. I have the whole FLIR
> tape (not just the segments shown in McNulty's videos)
> and have watched them extensively. I'll bet that there
> is a reason they wanted these tests secret. Amazing
> how CNN is spinning this toward the favor of the FBI
> (of course):
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