Re: Waco Test Shows "OBVIOUS GUNFIRE"

From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 18:42:36 MST

At 11:27 AM 03/20/2000 -0800, Joe Dees wrote:

>The test actually works AGAINST the agent-firing hypothesis, as in the
FLIR recreation, people are visible next to all the fired weapons, whereas
in the original FLIR, no contiguous people are visible. Guns do not kill
people unless other people are firing them, and such people being visible
in EVERY instance of the "recreational" gunfire, but in NO instance of the
original glints, the test results do not bode well for the contentions of
the Branch Davidians' attorney that such glints represent gunfire.

   IAN: Where does it say shooters were "visible in
   EVERY instance"? But actually, they should be for
   the reason Mike Lorrey stated. I was sure to check
   the high temperature yesterday in Waco for just that
   reason, and it was 69 degrees. However, it was in the
   mid 80s on April 19, 1993. There's a very big difference
   here. A person laying in a sun-drenched field most likely
   wearing heavy camouflage gear with air temps in the 80s is
   probably not going to be much warmer than the ground, and
   their clothing will probably be the same temperature as
   the ground. To a FLIR camera, this temperature identity
   means that the person on the ground will be invisible.

   However, as McNulty's latest video shows, two gunmen
   CAN be seen with muzzle flashes occurring exactly in
   front of them, and these gunmen just exited a tank,
   unlike the gunmen inherently in the other positions.
   These gunmen can be seen as black, human-shaped objects
   since their clothing is cooler than the ground because
   they just exited the air-conditioned tank. The fact
   is if you see these flashes of light, they're quite
   obviously gun shots, they flash a rates equal to a
   machine gun and you can see their pear shape, ie, they
   are wide at the muzzle end and taper in the direction
   the gun is being fired. As the fire starts, you can also
   see embers flashing as they blow in the wind. There is
   an unmistakable difference between the gun flashes
   and the flashes of embers blowing away from the fire.

   You never see any glints of light in the large fields
   of building debris, nor do you ever see reflections of
   the sun in the pool of water from the many angles of
   view as the plane circles above, but you do see the
   reflection of the sun in the same pool with a visible-
   radiation video taken overhead. I have the whole FLIR
   tape (not just the segments shown in McNulty's videos)
   and have watched them extensively. I'll bet that there
   is a reason they wanted these tests secret. Amazing
   how CNN is spinning this toward the favor of the FBI
   (of course):

  Roger Williams -->

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