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Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 14:01:50 MST

Octavio Rojas Diaz wrote:

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> > The fact is that the Mexican government IS a very corrupt government,
> > from top to bottom. Most governments have a for the most part honest
> > organization of public servants, where only the elected officials are
> > corrupt, and even then, typically those elected officials are only
> > willing to be corrupted by those interests they already support. The
> > Mexican government is corrupt through its entire structure. Nobody who
> > lives in Mexico can deny this, because they likely have gotten the
> > shakedown for money from police, from government officials whenever
> > permits are needed, etc. The fact that the Mexican oil industry is the
> > only oil producing nation that LOSES money on its oil operations ought
> > to tell you something.
> Yes it is true, and I've never denied it, and that's why I am pro oil
> privatization, however the government has done a great job in making
> us think, that if we make our oil industry private we'll loose
> sovereignty and our economy will nosedive into poverty and misery.

Which is odd. All they have to do to privatize it is issue stock to each and
every citizen. If the oil industry causes the country to go to hell after that,
its their own fault.

> Concerning corrupt police, it is precisely one of the aspects that
> annoys me the most, the past week I was a victim of police and I had to give
> up 2 valuable possessions for me to be released. That's why although
> I've been silent in the gun debates, I think if guns were legalized
> here in Mexico, police wouldn't abuse us as much as they do.

I got the old shakedown once when I and some buddies in my Air Force unit went
down to TJ for some R&R when we deployed to Miramar for some cross service
exercises. Fortunately it only cost each of us $25.00.

> About foreign aid, it is our corrupt government who accepts it because
> we really shouldn't depend on foreign capital, we have the resources
> infrastructure and population to be autosuficient, however the
> nation's riches are stolen by those in power and they have to ask for foreign
> aid to compensate, sometimes the foreign aid comes directly from the
> u.s. To their pockets.
> The moment we are able to get rid of all the scum that keeps deciding
> what's best for us in a big brother approach, and brainwashing us
> against libertarianism, wiser economic policies or privatization, we'll be
> able to grow (hell we even do with all this)
> > Imperialism involves using force to get done what you want done, and
> > locking other industrial powers out of the resources in the nations you
> > have power over. Offering a country aid money in return for help in
> > fulfilling our own foreign policy needs is not imperialism.
> I agree, but if the U.S. Government knows the foreign aids they send
> benefits more corrupt politicians than us, and it just makes our dependence
> greater why do they continue sending it? It appears to me they indirectly
> support our corrupt government, why has never the U.S. Complained about the
> tyranny we face and how they should help us in our advance to democracy.

When I was writing my previous post, I was thinking the exact same thing, the
fact they so eagerly accept our aid (and don't follow through on their
agreements on drug enforcement) ought to indicate how eagerly they accept money
from other sources that are at counter purposes to us (i.e. the drug


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