Robert Owns does have a sense of humor!

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 13:46:19 MST

6) What is the probability that an amoral, self-evolving, self-replicating
AI/Alife can develop and "breakout" by accident? { After all, the computers
and the net *are* an environmental niche... }

Robert Owens wrote:

Doug Jones wrote:
Gee, I thought it was 42.

Robert Owens wrote:
In the first place, Doug, "29" is octal -- of course you must add Orion's
Constant of Convolution [k = 4]; in the second place, the decimal figure
"42" has been known to have a probable error ofat least 0.600 since the
expose of the notorious "bias worm" that had infected our unit during the
Luddite Wars.

Robert, and I thought you had no sense of humor!! Douglas Adams would be
proud. :)

best regards,

John Grigg

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