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Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 17:43:55 MST

"Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> wrote:
> > A short while ago there was a discussion concerning orbital
> > to geosych. The asertion was made that using a novel approach and hi tech
> > materials such a structure was possible with today's tech.
> >
> > If a twenty thousand mile hi structure is possible then how much more
> > possible is a two or three hundred mile high structure?
> >
> > More to the useful would such a structure be?
> >
> > Other than being the world's highest antenna I have an idea.
> >
> > Power Generation. Being that high there must be some voltage differential
> > between ground level and the top...out of the atmosphere.
> A very good idea, the power differential between in and out of the atmosphere is
> two fold: solar ions and temperature differential.
> >
> > would be a departure station for a pinwheel.
> Like a Trebuchet. Building a trebuchet (balanced of course) would give a good
> boost at the end, though I doubt that you could add more than a few percent of
> orbital velocity. There would be occilation problems from the pinwheel as well,
> induced from when mass is flung.

Wouldn't there be a huge amount of air drag on such a pinwheel? Also I remember
a program on tall buildings where they said the limit is 16 miles. They said the
weight would turn the base to liguid from the heat of so much pressure. Granted
they were probably talking conventional materials, not sure don't remember, but
wouldn't there be an upper limit just the same on even light materials?


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