From: John Clark (jonkc@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 11:50:46 MST

<pruitt@mcc.com> Wrote:

> I just read a blurb about Speilburg's latest project - A.I. I know Kubrick
> worked on this for over ten years, but who knows how the final product
> will look. The Hollywood Reporter described it...
> "Developed by late director Stanley Kubrick, A.I. tells the tale of a future
> Earth populated by robots that possess artificial intelligence."
> Uh, oh! Does anyone know more about it?

I think Kubrick was the best director who ever lived, I wish he'd made it. I know he worked
on AI for well over 15 years but somehow it never got finished, all sorts of rumors why.
Some say he was waiting for computers to advance enough to give him the sort
of special effects he wanted. There were other stories, the movie followed the life of
a boy of 10 until he was about 25, believe it or not there was a rumor that he was going
to film a 10 year old actor every year until he was 25. I don't know about that one,
Kubrick was strange but I don't know if he was that strange.

 Where did you find this thing about Speilburg, I couldn't find it at Hollywood Reporter.

                  John K Clark jonkc@att.net

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