The future doesn't need us

Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 10:35:47 MST


I rarely post anything, but.... I am still feeling a tad glum from Bill Joy's Wired article. My main fear is the article could start a bandwagon and become a "marketing slick" for the statist crowd.

I just read a blurb about Speilburg's latest project - A.I. I know Kubrick worked on this for over ten years, but who knows how the final product will look. The Hollywood Reporter described it...

"Developed by late director Stanley Kubrick, A.I. tells the tale of a future Earth populated by robots that possess artificial intelligence."

Uh, oh! Does anyone know more about it?

The Tom Cruise vehicle "The Minority Report" was postponed. Despite this movie's murder-plot basis, I was told it showed the future in a very positive light.

Steve Pruitt

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