Re: Nuclear Power

Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 23:06:05 MST

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> Thousands of tons of plutonium exist on the earth and more is made every
> but most of it is mixed in with other extremely lethal radioactive waste
> it's
> very hard to work with without separating it out in a chemical
> plant.
> It only takes a few pounds to make a bomb so I want it hard to work with,
> don't
> want a reprocessing plant.
> John K Clark
One proposal I have read about (and nothing was done about) was the use of
synchrotron radiation, scaled to emit vast amounts of directed gamma rays for
a comparitively short distance. Theoretically this bombardment of gamma rays
should initiate a reaction for fissile and fertile materials, allegedly
rendering them eventually harmless. Plutonium, instead of a 24,000 year
half-life would go half-lfe in 6 months. Also the process would produce a lot
of excess thermal energy to be used for additional energy production.

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