Re: Sticks and Stones and Bullets, Oh, My!

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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 13:55:49 MST

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> "Joe E. Dees" wrote:
> > .... Luddites are defined
> > as those who contend that because something has never been
> > done, that it shouldn't be tried.
> Gun control HAS been tried, abundantly. I notice you didn't answer my
> request for an example of a place where it hasn't failed.
Japan. Great Britain.
> > Are you just another Luddite,
> > fearing that a failed experiment cannot be repealed, or do you
> > possess ths courage and daring to chance possible solutions, and
> > let subsequent experience testify for itself, trusting in the
> > democratic process to be self-correcting?
> No, I do not possess the courage and daring to play games of chance with
> other people's lives and liberties, in defiance of all experience.
> Nor am I convinced that "the democratic process" still exists. The last
> time it admitted a major error and reversed it, instead of ratcheting up
> enforcement and explaining that we need to throw away another piece of
> the Bill of Rights, was Amendment XXI (1933).
> Or did somebody call off the War On Minority Drugs, outlaw civil
> forfeiture, repeal the minimum wage and privatize Socialist Security
> while I wasn't looking?
You are knee-jerk against a purchase-prohibited list forbidding
violent and sexual criminals, those served with restraining orders or
peace bonds for violence, threats and intimidation, and the
mentally incompetent and deranged from purchasing guns, and
forbidding anyone to sell guns to them. You therefore have no
problem with criminals and the vicious and dangerously crazy
being armed around yourself and your family. Do not go bleating
that your Dirty Harry stand is for the sake of a safer personal
environment to me, for I now know any such pronouncement by
you would be nothing but a bald-faced lie.
> --
> Anton Sherwood *\\* *\\*

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