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Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 00:19:20 MST

> writes:
> > Are you referring to the creep who shot at some Jewish children, and
> > killed a postman? If so, this is the first I've heard that he didn't
> > act alone. I do seem to recall it was said that he intended his acts
> > to be the signal for a pogrom -- but if that makes him "a militia"
> > you might as well say the Black Panthers killed Sharon Tate. wrote:
> Fact is that Bufford is a member of Phineas Priests which have
> solid Militia ties.

As solid as McVeigh's?

Anyway, the question wasn't "has any crazed loner on some militia-fringe
group's mailing list ever killed anybody" but "has any citizen militia
ever killed anybody?".

The question is of dubious relevance anyway; the militia movement is not
and never was monolithic. It may well include racists; it also includes
Blacks (like the spokesman for a prominent Ohio group) and Jews (like
most of the San Diego group, or so it was said some years ago).

> > If the "militias' don't seem to discriminate regarding
> > klan allegience, why need I?
> >To avoid the appearance of know-nothing bigotry.
> The Klan and militias mix in well because they are the same identical
> people who hold the same identical philosophies. Why should I fear
> Johnny laws goons more then some self-appointed hayseed death-squad?

Because those self-appointed hayseed death-squads haven't attacked
anybody yet; while pro-government extremists with badges harass, rob and
kill innocent people year in and year out, and get away with it.

> As far as being a know-nothing bigot? So be it!
> By the by, MacVeigh trained with the Michigan Militia

McVeigh was trained (and decorated iirc) by the US Army, and the
Michigan Militia told him to get lost.

> which was filled with Klaners-fancy that? ;-)

Anyone who questions the legitimacy of the current imperial regime in
Washington sooner or later gets labelled "White supremacist". Some
evidence on this point would be nice.

On another hand, the bombing was on the anniversary of the Waco fire,
and is generally assumed to be retaliation for it (I don't know whether
McVeigh has said anything to support that assumption). Do you know what
fraction of the Branch Davidians were White?

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