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Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 23:16:47 MST

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> Are you referring to the creep who shot at some Jewish children, and
> killed a postman? If so, this is the first I've heard that he didn't
> act alone. I do seem to recall it was said that he intended his acts to
> be the signal for a pogrom -- but if that makes him "a militia" you
> might as well say the Black Panthers killed Sharon Tate.
Fact is that Bufford is a member of Phineas Priests which have solid Militia

> If the "militias' don't seem to discriminate regarding
> klan allegience, why need I?

>To avoid the appearance of know-nothing bigotry.

The Klan and militias mix in well because they are the same identical people
who hold the same identical philosophies. Why should I fear Johnny laws
goons more then some self-appointed hayseed death-squad? As far as being a
know-nothing bigot? So be it! By the by, MacVeigh trained with the Michigan
Militia which was filled with Klaners-fancy that? ;-)

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