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>> > What are the tax rules for exchanging houses?
>> > How about international exchanges?
>> > What are the barter-regulating laws in general?
>> I'm no tax lawyer (perhaps THAT is the lowest form of life), but the US tax
>> system is designed -- in theory -- to "capture" income and capital gains
>> in-kind exchanges.
>Thats what I want to know. If two people agree to an exchange where no
>cash changes hands, then presumably its an even trade, i.e. no income or
>capital gain is realized. If this is so, how can it be taxed?

        interesting. if even trades are taxable, which they seem to be (in that
people with guns will kick your ass if you don't pay up, and you are worth
the cost of hiring the people with guns...), is that not saying that, say,
conversations are taxable? in a conversation, information is traded, which
is presumably of some value to both conversers... taxing even trades seems
like having as an axiom "1=0." it seems to make everything equal for
purposes of taxation...

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