Re: near anything box security solution (Was RE: The Internet is forever)

From: Octavio Rojas Diaz (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 16:37:55 MST

> Every act, every conversation (heck every thought, if possible)
> recorded forever and accessible to everyone. Based upon a lifetime's
> of such data it would probably a fairly easy matter to determine who
> and could not be trusted to have their very own near-anything-box
> If we can come up with a reliable Halperinesque truth machine, our
> about our neighbors having NAB's could be eliminated.

> So what do you think, would you be willing to give up all privacy in
> exchange for the privilege of having access to a NAB? Would such a
> transparent society necessarily resolve our nano-related security

> -Zero

> "To infinity and beyond!"0
> -- B. Lightyear

Well, the problem I see with this transparent society is that, a very
radical revolution, on civil liberties, democracy and respect and
tolerance for other people's lifestyles is required, for this to
function, otherwise
jobs may be denied to you for your juvenile mistakes for example, or
you could be prosecuted, because you
did something that even though is not wrong, it was declared ilegal by
your government (like experimenting with psychoactive substances)

However, I suppose that once we know all the single details about any
desired person, our cultural values will radically change, the myth of
perfection will be more than destroyed, after all, our politicians,
priests, policemen, etc are humans too, so this kind of technologies
could be the tool that boosts further the advancement of our
societies, to a more tolerant and less coercive ones, so I suppose a
transparent society is the utopia both the anarchists and the
bigbrother advocates.

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