Re: God's indifference to suffering?

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> 2 questions for discussion: If pain and suffering did not exist, might
> complacency keep us from creating?

Darned good question. And one reason I find the possibility of a technology
of PERFECT satisfaction of desire somewhat frightening. Of course, we have
that now (heroin probably comes close, as far as our animal substrates are
concerned) and only a relatively small percentage of people become addicts.

I think, in this case, it's very much true to say "it's all relative".
Compared to most of humanity, though most of history and prehistory, I live a
life of almost inconceivable comfort and luxury. Yet I find plenty - both
positive and negative - to motivate me.

> Secondly, HOW MUCH pain and
> suffering would be the minimum that an intelligent species would need,
> to be motivated to create?

Bearing in mind my response to your first question, I suppose I'd say that it
doesn't take much "disutility" to motivate an intelligent being. Just a
little can be an incentive to action.

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