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From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 18:29:31 MST

James wrote:
John, you can have such an experience without dying. Go see Dr, Micheal
Pershing and his "Temporal Lobe Seizure" creating equipment in his lab. With
finely tuned magnetics no stronger than common appliances around us
everyday, when placed near the temporal lobes of your brain, he can
reproduce EVERY SINGLE spiritual experience known to humanity from
throughout recorded history.

This is fascinating technology! I would love to visit his lab and under
careful supervision experience the effect for myself. Do you know of a
website that would tell me more? Shades of 'Altered States' but without the
sensory-deprivation tank.

you continue:
Take into account piezo electic phenomenon when rocks are deformed or when
we come near strong magnetic fields associated with geological formations
and this, for me, explains spiritual phenomena. Especially ghost stories
from rock castles. This rationally explains spiritual phenomena like the old
hag, the feeling someone's in the room with you, visions of angels or devils
or aliens, experiences akin to near NDE...and on and on and on. People that
are extremely susceptible to these experiences are creative people and
people considered artistic. It's all just in our heads!

I see this explaining SOME spiritual phenomena. I have heard how the
creative and also the mentally ill (who are sometimes both) are more
suseptible to hallucinations. I still believe in nde's as presented by at
least some who have experienced them but I am glad you shared this with me.

I read awhile back how the wind can sometimes whip through holes in old
decrepit buildings, and if the nature and size of the hole(s) was just right
it could create a sort of ultrasonic freqency that can induce very fearful
feelings and hallucinations in people! No wonder people say the howling
winds around old houses scare them!

Also at the moment of falling asleep, a person can lucid dream without
realizing it and think they are awake and experiencing some form or another
of bizarre attack. The brain's mechanism for holding the body will kick in
and this makes them feel paralyzed against their will.

I will not accept sweeping generalizations against all stories of
supernatural religious experience, flying saucer sightings and abductions,
nde's or hauntings. I believe that for many of the claims there are mundane
scientific explanations, or they are frauds and delusions, but there are
those accounts which are actually true. I try to keep an open mind and look
at the arguments of both sides. And I think there are some very
close-minded people on both sides of these matters that won't look at what
the other side is trying to put forward.

Again James, thanks for the information about Dr. Michael Pershing. I look
forward to learning more about his work. If his technology hit the streets,
you would have Nancy Reagan on tv saying, "just say no when someone offers
to let you put a hallucination-inducer on your head!!" Those will be
followed by ads with William Shatner, since he wrote the 'Tekwar' series!!
In an agonized capt. Kirk tone of voice he will say, "please, please, just
don't do it!" And the police would be carefully watching local electronic
supply stores to see if they were fronts for the big organized crime gangs
based in Silicon Valley! :)

best regards,

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