Re: [Fwd: Corel Intel Deal in the making]

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 02:44:50 MST

Bryan Moss writes:
> not Windows? Mac OS? BeOS? OS/2 Warp? Anyone know of any
> promising non-UNIX open source projects?

Have a gander at

It's a good start. I'm personally a big minimalism freak (do not trust
an OS/compiler you can't read and understand in a single afternoon),
so MISC (minimal instruction set computer as pioneered and developed
by Chuck Moore, genius and borderline wacko) and Forth-inspired
threaded code languages are a natural for me (with the allowance of
multi-kBit VLIW/hyperMMX parallelism made possible by recent advent of
embedded RAM CPU viability. Alas, mainstream seems to move away from

Clearly, it's pointless trying to port your apps/OS to a 1 kCPU/1
MByte-grain architecture. Asynchronous recursive object message
passing, anybody? I'm looking forward to the debugging part. What fun!
What nightmare!

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