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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 14:41:39 MST

>From: "Bryan Moss" <>
>Do we really want the whole world using UNIX? I'll answer
>that question for you - no! But here's the trillion dollar
>question, what OS will we be running in the near future if
>not Windows? Mac OS? BeOS? OS/2 Warp? Anyone know of any
>promising non-UNIX open source projects?

One possible outcome (and my personal favorite) of the MS antitrust trial is
releasing Windows into the public domain. I believe this would be the best
possible result since, like it or not, Windows has become a de facto
standard. Anybody and everybody who sells a computer app makes a version
for Windows. Release Windows to the public domain and the Linux community
can devote its efforts to an OS that is already in use by the great majority
of the computer using public. Windows is not perfect, but truth be told its
a pretty workable OS. If it could only be built to not reflexively bolster
the MS empire (whether it be Hotmail, MSN, or Microsoft Office) and it it
could be made a little more efficient, it would be a pretty damn good OS.
How to fix the relatively minor problems with Windows? Make it open source.

That would probably kill off much the momentum Linux has garnered lately,
but...oh well.


"To infinity and beyond!"
-- B. Lightyear

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