Re: God's indifference to suffering?

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Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 22:04:44 MST

>From: "Robert J. Bradbury" <>

> > 2 questions for discussion: If pain and suffering did not exist, might
> > complacency keep us from creating?
>Huh? Why do you think suffering promotes creation? While I'm sure there
>are "suffering" artists, there are those that are "joyful" as well.

Well lets not be so quick to shoot down the idea. After all necessity is
the mother of invention. The absence of suffering is also the absence of
need. I think the argument is truer when dealing with practical creativity
(or invention) than mere whimsy or emotional self-expression. Although I
suppose that even artistic expression is the product of the artist's need to
translate the conversation of his soul into the tangible language of art so
as to hopefully find a sympathetic soul with whom to share the conversation.

> > Secondly, HOW MUCH pain and suffering would be the minimum that an
> > intelligent species would need, to be motivated to create?
>If we assume Dolphins are intelligent, they rarely have experiences
>involving "pain and suffering" (most commonly accidentally imposed
>by humans in one way or another), yet they would appear to be a
>very creative species. I think intelligent species create for

What leads you to believe Dophins are creative? What on Earth has a Dolphin
ever created? I'm totally lost on that one.


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