Re: >Boredom of Immortality (was Re: imaging the world)

From: Robert Owen (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 14:06:17 MST

Zero Powers wrote:

> Far be it from little old me to dispute an icon like Mr. Minsky, but
> importance is largely subjective. What is important to Marvin, may be
> trivial for me and vice versa. I do agree that it is impractical to
> postpone one's "search and practice for Enlightenment" until the ultimate
> questions have been answered. But that is not what I was suggesting in the
> first place. I merely said that, for me, boredom will not set in until all
> the questions have been answered. But my "search and practice for
> Enlightenment" is vigorously being pursued on a daily basis.

I'm very sorry I have to rush, Zero. But if we are earnestly searching for
answerable questions and unquestionable answers, are we not already ON
the Path? Being a practicing SOTO Zen Buddhist, I have the bias that we
are all already Enlightened but are abysmally ignorant of that fact because
we are so frantically searching for Enlightenment. Grasping, clawing, nibbling,
digging, tripping, talking to ourselves, agitated by our wild-eyed scanning
of the heavens and all the depths that are less than meet the eye.

And yes, let me be blunt where you were diplomatic -- WASTE the icons
and idols in Extropia. And demolish everything that stands between us
and insight -- THAT is the Path. You don't need any special Rinzi koans


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