Re: >Boredom of Immortality (was Re: imaging the world)

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 13:23:24 MST

>From: "J. R. Molloy" <>
> >I will not be bored until I have *all* the answers...what was happening
> >before the big bang?...who/what caused the big bang? and how? will
> >universe end?...and what will happen after that?
> >-Zero
>"In the search for truth there are certain questions that are not
>important. Of
>what material is the universe constructed? Is the universe eternal? Are
>limits or not to the universe? What is the ideal form of organization for
>society? If a man were to postpone his search and practice for
>until such questions were solved, he would die before he found the path."
>--The Society of Mind, by Marvin Minsky
>(4.7 Long-Range Plans, p. 45)

Far be it from little old me to dispute an icon like Mr. Minsky, but
importance is largely subjective. What is important to Marvin, may be
trivial for me and vice versa. I do agree that it is impractical to
postpone one's "search and practice for Enlightenment" until the ultimate
questions have been answered. But that is not what I was suggesting in the
first place. I merely said that, for me, boredom will not set in until all
the questions have been answered. But my "search and practice for
Enlightenment" is vigorously being pursued on a daily basis.


"To infinity and beyond!"
-- B. Lightyear

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