Re: will "authentic self" uploading ever be possible?

From: Skye (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 13:06:19 MST

> To my knowledge not. I'm working on memory transfer
> between the
> hippocampus and cortex, and there is no real
> evidence this can occur -
> which makes life much harder for me :-) What seems
> to happen in my
> reasearch is that one part of the brain can train
> another part to do
> the same function, but this a rather special case
> and likely not
> workable everywhere else.
oh well.... hmm. If one part can train another part
to do the same function... can this part be forced to
do the training? If you suppresed one section of the
brain and had the hardware equivalent for it to work
with... and if you did this with each section....
> As for uploading, I guess that if you integrate a
> computer with a
> neural network to your mind, and learn how to
> integrate the network
> with your thinking, gradually more and more of your
> thought processes
> would exist within the computing matrix. The problem
> is that "you"
> would be growing - it would not be that your
> memories and everything
> *moved* to the computer, but rather that new parts
> developed inside it
> enhancing your abilities. So the old brain would
> still be needed until
> enough interconnections had emerged to make it
> irrelevant - but that
> might not happen for some functions.
Maybe at that point "you" would be more inside the
computer than out... at which point, copying that one
little original bit might be nothing more than
minor... since your authentic self was now more inside
than outside the computer, so to speak. So I guess it
wouldn't be "you" so much as "mostly you"... the
question, I guess, would be how much is enough?
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