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From: Robert Owen (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 18:43:41 MST

Spike Jones wrote:

> Thats it! If you compare the results of extropians with the
> general population, we were way more T than F, the opposite
> of the majority. Could it be as simple as that? T vs F? spike

I think so -- especially when you combine the introverted and
intuitive features. Sociality is the creature of extroverted feeling
types; when you consider the relatively archaic and unsocialized
character of extroverted feeling in dominantly introverted thinking
types [these traits relate as bipolarities on Jung's "Function Com-
pass") that refine rational cognition at the expense of feeling, the
picture comes into focus pretty well.

A typical social situation will demand behavior expressive of this
inferior function, so that if you were to observe yourself most
carefully at these times, Spike, you would probably discover
some responses that are gauche, not entirely what is expected
from most others. A negative feedback loop develops, and....

An extroverted feeling-type friend could probably tell you what
behavior could be helpfully modified.


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