Re: Another Energy Scam?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 19:06:23 MST wrote:

> I found something called "Entrophy Systems" on the sounds too good
> to be true. Supposedly it can extract heat from the atmosphere "even
> subzero" ....and produce power.

Roger that, too good to be true. To convert energy without taking on
the laws of thermodynamics (which have stood the test of time) requires
a heat reservoir and a cold reservoir in which to dump waste heat. Does
the site you found clearly state they are moving heat from a hot source
to a cold source? In principle, if it takes energy from the atmosphere,
"even subzero" it needs a still colder thermal energy reservoir. If not, its
bogus, simple as that.

As an entertaining aside: when I tell fellow engineers about the
"extropy institute" I often must immediately explain that this is
not about making energy by violating the third law. {8^D spike

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