Re: Orbital Towers.

Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 20:36:58 MST

It's funny how some things stick in your mind.

I read the article in analog on SkyHooks and PinWheels back in the

And I read the one mentioned on this list the other day. As a meme it's
certainly successful with me.

The problem I have is HOW will the blamed thing be constructed?

Will the riggers use a "jin" pole and haul up prefabricated sections such as
they do with antenna? (I delivered an itty bitty crane to the site of an
antenna to be the other month and got to talking to a "rigger".....he pointed
to a "little bitty" antenna about a quarter mile away...."ONLY" five hundred
feet high.......he referenced several he had worked on that were five times

Or will it be inflated...or extruded.....

And if it's currently possible why not do it? at the rate the two thousand
foot antenna's are going up all over the country should a two hundred MILE
antenna (tower) be that much more valuable?

I don't know just exactly how far "line of site" from two or three hundred
miles straight up from Kansas City would be but I suspect it would encompass
a substantial portion of the "lower forty eight"...

Just for communication functions.....not to mention other properties of low
earth orbit. altitude...


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