Re: Orbital Towers.

Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 20:03:54 MST

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> Then a linear mass driver built on the slope of something very much
> gentle-slope-but-high-vulcano-pyramidal (Africa? Hawaii? Too bad we
> don't have Olympus Mons hereabouts) within an evacuated tunnel seems
> to make more sense.

How about building one then?

Ok...let me regroup here.

Were talking about building a twenty thousand mile long (high)
tower.......!!?? (more or less) Surface of earth to geosynch orbit.

If that is possible then how much MORE possible would it be to build a bridge
to orbit......or perhaps a better term might be ski jump to the stars.

In other a ramp that is on a tangent to the circum. of the
earth....a truly straight curvature due to the earths
curvature....for however long it takes to rise above the earth's
atmosphere.....and then some...

Possibly a suspension type bridge...with pretty catenaries...and the above
mentioned linear accelarator. I dunno why huge accelerations would be
required though...just make it longer...

A kinder gentler bridge into orbit...

Shreveport La.

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