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Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 03:49:09 MST

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|<< intelligence as the ability to solve problem >>
|what about emotion, creativity, laughter and fun?

The sets ``creative humans'' and ``intelligent humans'' do intersect, but
definitely have not identical memberships. An emotion free human can still
have an over average intelligence, too.

Naturally, one can define ``intelligence'' differently. When one does, the
other variables vary accordingly. So called ``emotional intelligence'' would
require emotions. Personally, I would preferred some other term instead of
``emotional intelligence'', as the usage of ``intelligence'' to mean emotions
dilute the meaning of the word, and before long the word becomes useless for
rational discussion.

Expansion of word meaning often add entropy to the semantic process.

``Emotions are the little mindkillers.'', he mumbled ominously.

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