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Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 03:11:06 MST

An article [0] in todays Metro [1], a newspaper in Stockholm, Sweden, claims
to quote an article in the February number of the Biomedical Microdevices [2]
magazine, in which researchers at the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at the
Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of California, Berkeley,
USA, "claim to have taken a cell from human tissue, put it into a chamber
inside a computer chip, and thus creating a ``bionic chip'', expected to
create a revolution in medicine".

[Article summary, badly translated:]
- This is a silicon based chip like those one would use in any computer or
electronic appliance, says professor Boris Rubinsky, one of the research
group leaders.

The researchers claims this is the first time a living human cell can be
controlled by a computer signal.

Prof. Rubinsky [3] has a history of interest in cryosurgery and microfab.

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Have any of the honoured list members read the Biomedical Microdevices magazine
and wish to give a summary of its relevance to other list members?


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