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Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 00:14:05 MST

Robin Hanson wrote:
but why not find a way of changing our emotional state into that "noble"
state - of humility and resignation or whatever - directly, rather than go
through the inefficient and horrendous process of getting to that state
through having long series of painful experiences. That would be lot more
transhumanist in my book

I can't help but say on a kneejerk level that I find this somehow a quickfix
that offends me. And as Anders pointed out, to really affect personality
and "lifescript" the technology must on a very deep and complex level
restructure the brain.

And yet the world would be a better place if people could choose early in
life certain neuro mods that gave them the type of maturity and emotional
makeup they wanted for themselves. I have known so many people who dearly
wish as youth they had the wisdom and maturity they have now in their later

But even in a world of neuro mods, some questions remain. What mods are
really right for you to have a quality life that fulfills your own unique
potentials? You could choose the wrong one's? A person might decide early
on that ambition and status are key and create a driving and relentless
personality. They might never or too late realize how at least for them
this was a mistake. I would still take the chance for myself but try to be
balanced in my approach.


John Grigg

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