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Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 12:16:19 MST

"john grigg" <> writes:

> But even in a world of neuro mods, some questions remain. What mods are
> really right for you to have a quality life that fulfills your own unique
> potentials? You could choose the wrong one's? A person might decide early
> on that ambition and status are key and create a driving and relentless
> personality. They might never or too late realize how at least for them
> this was a mistake. I would still take the chance for myself but try to be
> balanced in my approach.

This is really the posthuman version of the "what values to pass on to
our kids" discussion.

I (roughly) define intelligence as the ability to solve problem wisdom
as the ability to chose the right problems to solve, given one's goals
and values. But there is a feedback here, as wisdom also implies the
ability to chose one's goals and values well. So the problem seems to
be how to acquire enough wisdom at an early age without being trapped
in slef-reinforcing value systems resulting in a suboptimal life. I
guess some information can be gained by looking at the factual effects
of different values and personalities among real people, and then
cautiously setting up an initial approximation of what neural mods to
use as an adults, revising over time.

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