RE: cryonics in the real world...

From: Billy Brown (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 20:48:52 MST

john grigg wrote:
> Really? lol A person could easily die in their home if they live alone
> be lying there decaying for several days before someone comes for them!
> a dedicated cryonicist must be married with eight kids or have a bunch of
> roommates or boarders! Take your choice! :)

Possible, yes, but it doesn't happen very often. Most of us do live with
someone, and most young people don't die quietly in their sleep anyway. I
forget the exact current list of leading causes of death (does anyone have
it handy?), but I believe most of the big items are things like cancer
(where you have time to make your arrangements) and auto accidents (very
public, so an ambulance usually arrives before you die).

You're arguing that it is possible for cryonics arrangements to fall
through. Well, DUH. No system is 100% reliable. But your odds of actually
getting suspended if you are signed up are very high.

Come to think of it - has there ever been a case of someone who was signed
up not getting suspended? I can't remember one, but I only get news about

> What do you mean by regular in nature? The processes by which decay of
> brain structure happens? Again, I find myself thinking that I hope an
> optimist in this area is right but I think more research is necessary.

Of course we need more research. The better your model of the process is,
the more successful you will be at running it backwards.

Billy Brown

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