cryonics in the real world...

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 16:25:47 MST

Billy Brown wrote:
It is pretty hard to die in away that prevents your body from arriving at a
hospital within an hour or less - just don't get yourself killed while
you're off camping in the middle of nowhere.

Really? lol A person could easily die in their home if they live alone and
be lying there decaying for several days before someone comes for them! So
a dedicated cryonicist must be married with eight kids or have a bunch of
roommates or boarders! Take your choice! :)

Billy Brown wrote:
Most of the damage sources that cryonicists agonize over, like freezing
damage and ischemic injury, are very regular in nature and hence should be
very easy to reverse. So, your odds of getting an adequate suspension are
very high no matter how you end up dying.

What do you mean by regular in nature? The processes by which decay of
brain structure happens? Again, I find myself thinking that I hope an
optimist in this area is right but I think more research is necessary. Both
for cryonics and for an understanding of just how hardy or fragile the
nature of memory is. I look forward to Eugene Leitl's report that will have
pics and various experts interpretting what is there. Then, we can have
quite a discussion on this list!


John Grigg

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