RE: SOC/BIO: Frito-Lay campaign

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 23:51:15 MST

>From: "Billy Brown" <>

>Now, it the case of GM foods, medical science is already perfectly capable
>of addressing the question of its safety. There isn't anything going on
>here that we haven't been dealing with for years in drug safety testing.
>Therefore, we have no more reason to be suspicious of GM foods than we do
>a new pharmaceutical.

Yeah, and I'm no big fan of new pharmaceuticals either. Don't get me wrong,
I do not believe at all that GM foods should be banned, or even restricted
so long as (like you say) they are clearly labeled so that those of us who
want to avoid them can in fact do so. In fact, in my view the more people
eating GM foods the better. That way, in the unlikely event that some
genetic modification has some unpleasant and unforeseen side effect, it will
more likely be discovered and remedied by the time late adopters like me
start chowing down on the stuff.


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