Re: Why Cryonics?

Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 05:29:50 MST

Cryonics' seems very interesting, and I have no objections if anyone attempts
cryonic survival-Pioneers Welcome! The only issue (for me) is that it may
merely be a fancier way of preservation of dead body, rather then the
restoration of a personality. Rot in good health, is usually the reply to
this; since people feel so strongly that this is the path to hope, for them.
My focus is more the concepts put forth by Moravec and Tipler and Tegmark
(sounds like a law firm!) Tell ya what, when scientists are hitting the news
with humans volunteers being revived (before death!) from
cryo-sleep/preservation--the world will beat a path to Alcor's door. Good
luck and success!


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> Cyronics may be a (relatively) expensive and risky long-shot. But death is
> a (relatively) cheap sure thing. I don't like the odds, but I'll damn
> take them.
> -Zero

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