Why Cryonics?

From: Chris Hibbert (hibbert@netcom.com)
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 00:36:55 MST

I decided to try to write down some of my reasons for signing up for
cryonics after I was caught without a ready explanation a little while
back. I had nonchalantly mentioned being signed up to someone whom I
had thought would find it ordinary. She was surprised, and I was
unprepared to defend my choice.

It seemed to me that I handled the conversation poorly; I think I gave
her the impression at first that I thought it was an easy decision,
because I thought it was obvious that cryonics will work. It isn't
obvious, and it's not a simple decision. But I think the chances are
good enough that if you want to live a long life even in an uncertain
future, it's a reasonable wager.

Please take a look at my explanation at
http://discuss.foresight.org/~hibbert/WhyCryonics.html and let me
know what you think.


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