Re: Zeb shares the funniest story I have heard in ages....

From: Elizabeth Childs (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 11:26:44 MST

From: Max More <>

> Oh boy, since we can't seem to stop playing with this subject, Jeff
> me of a children's cartoon show about pirates in England years ago. It too
> had a character called Master Bates. But that wasn't enough. Oh no. They
> also had a character named "Seaman Staines".
> It's hard to imagine writers getting away with that these days. Or could
> they really be so innocent?!

The villains on the Batman TV show (the cheesy one, with Adam West),
frequently derived their names from swear words in archaic languages.
Scholars of Ancient Aramaic and so forth would write in and say how much
they enjoyed the joke, and the censors got wind of it and made them stop.

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