Re: Zeb shares the funniest story I have heard in ages....

From: Max More (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 10:50:22 MST

At 07:43 PM 2/14/00 -0800, Jeff wrote:
>Leave us not forget the subversively-indelicately-named protagonist in
>Dicken's (wasn't it?) Oliver Twist: Master Bates.

Oh boy, since we can't seem to stop playing with this subject, Jeff reminds
me of a children's cartoon show about pirates in England years ago. It too
had a character called Master Bates. But that wasn't enough. Oh no. They
also had a character named "Seaman Staines".

It's hard to imagine writers getting away with that these days. Or could
they really be so innocent?!


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