if one book, which and why

From: Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 22:09:22 MST

QueeneMUSE@aol.com wrote:

> On the other hand - ethically, if i did a Suess rip-off, no matter how cute
> and charming, *I* would feel like I was stealing, not to mention, unoriginal!!

Nooooo! If people wrote new material in Suessian style, the late author
would be *honored* and his family would be proud, and everyone wins.
We could do with more Suess-styled literature. His last book, BTW is
to come out today. His widow says this is *the end* and is officially out
of material. {8-[

> I'd love to publish a children's atheist/agnostic book though... someday,
> sigh.... when I have time... yeah right!

Queene if you were to do so, it might be the very most influential work
one could do. Consider the much loved children's book Go Dog Go.
Of all things, this silly little volume has perhaps had more influence than
any other, since it is aimed at the very young, 2-4 years. Jillions of children
have seen it, owned it, translated into dozens of languages, and the
thing has practically no *memes* in it. Well, does it? And yet, how
many of us had a copy of Go Dog Go? Did you? Do you still have it
somewhere? I have one. {8^D

Nowthen, an old meme on this list was "If one book, which and why?"
wherein I proposed that one interpret the intentionally-vague question any
way one likes. Several back then decided to post what they thought was
the *influential* book, and since influence of a book decreases exponentially
as one ages, then a strong candidate would be one of the first, and trust
me, the bible is seldom one of the earliest books one tackles.

If we somehow managed to get a book with extropian memes, perhaps
one that promoted free thinking, into competition with Dr. Suess, or
Go Dog Go, then creating such a book might be the most important
thing we could ever do to promote our vision of the future. spike

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