Re: Waco: Sniper's Nest Revealed

Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 13:57:36 MST

Ian Goddard, <>, writes:

> Subject: Waco: Sniper's Nest Revealed

I spent several hours studying the earlier Waco video a few months ago.
I agree that, based on these photographs, a structure of some sort is
present in the courtyard on the day of the fire, which was not there a
few days ago.

However I question whether this would be a "sniper's nest" for a couple of
reasons. The main one is that this does not seem to be a very reasonable
position for a sniper to hide. It is in the courtyard, surrounded on
three sides by buildings occupied by the people he would be sniping at.

It does not appear to be a very defensible position, as he could have
bullets coming at him from three directions. Further, he would himself
be firing at virtually point-blank range.

"Sniping" usually connotes a somewhat long-distance firing activity.
Placing your "nest" in the middle of the enemy's courtyard, mere yards
from the walls, just seems utterly absurd.

I also think that the size and shape of the structure is not what I
would expect for something like this, but I am not familiar with military
equipment so I can't say for sure.

The only real evidence for calling it a sniper's nest is that flashes
which could be gunshots were seen near it, and the object did not
appear to be present a few days earlier. However it could easily be
some piece of junk the Davidians moved outside into their courtyard in
the days preceding the final attack. As for the flashes, they are seen
in a number of locations besides the courtyard.


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