Re: Cooling technique for Jupiter brains

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 07:44:32 MST

On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Jeff Davis wrote:

> In an elliptical orbit in relation to the jupiter brain, you have the
> "coolant". However, rather than being a point mass, like, say, a comet,
> it's ring-like: particles (carbon black?) of the appropriate material and
> size evenly spaced along an elliptical orbital path.

I suppose you could call this a variant of the Frank & Knight concept
of "ballistic" atomic cooling, from their Foresight Conf. 1997 paper.

Their concept of "atomic" cooling, seems to provide the highest
cooling capacity possible. Higher even than Eric's phase change
coolant from nanosystems. The problem is they leave out all
of the "important" details of how you would actually implement
such a system.

The problem ultimately comes down to how to "transfer" the heat from
the JB to the coolant "fluid". If the materials don't come into contact,
the only way to do it is radiation and that is somewhat inefficient.

> But, anyway, it seemed beautifully elegant to me.
I'll agree with the elegance. Its one approach to cooling JBs,
a subject that needs much more work. But you still have a lot of extra
material left over in the solar system and you haven't "optimized"
the energy usage of the sun. Another topic would be an exploration
of whether there is enough non-solar C in the solar system to construct
even a single Earth sized diamondoid-JB. I would guess the answer
is yes, but then you have all that extra energy going to waste.
The only logical thing to do is setup lots of breeder reactors
to manufacture more C to build more JBs. The question then becomes
how long it takes to convert all the non-solar H/He/O/Fe, etc.
into C, after which you have to start star-lifting activities?

I believe someone asked about the URL's related to these concepts.

Anders Paper on Jupiter Brains and other creative variants is at:
My papers on Matrioshka Brains and related topics are under:


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