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Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 12:21:47 MST

On Saturday, February 05, 2000 11:15 PM Spike Jones wrote:
> > ...My bet is if and when cryonics does work -- in
> > the sense of reviving patients -- people will trip over each to sign up.
> > Surely, a small %age of the population will still say no to near
> > immortality, but I doubt the vast majority will.
> The ones I worry about are not the ones who just say no to
> immortality. The ones I worry about are those who just say
> no to *anyone* having immortality. spike

I'm not too worried about them. It will be hard for them to enforce their
views. Yeah, cryonics facilities might be easy to attack if someone is a
truck bomber or such, but if it becomes very popular then I reckon there
will be enough funds for security and also for counterattack.

And as a final solution, there's always ice assasination (a la Bruce
Sterling's _Schismatrix_).:)

Daniel Ust
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