Re: Atheist Propoganda?

From: Robert Owen (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 17:26:26 MST

Michael M Butler wrote:

> One of the really tough questions is whether a given someone's snappy
> lane changes, etc., in their <let's say> immaculately-maintained 8 MPG
> BMW (_the brand_ when it comes to gas guzzlers, BTW), leave a trail of
> subtle side effects that include agitation, poorer driving, etc. by the
> parties blown off.


> Then there's the question of what to do when the party of the first part
> drives that way with, for instance, new tires but with a lousy speed
> rating. Then add rain. Then add wet non-ABS brakes. At some point, Party
> A really does become an accident waiting to happen, no matter how good
> their putative coordination, or their putative "efficiency".

Although they are not lousy drivers, they have lousy judgment, and this
is much worse than coordination or efficiency deficits.

> If this keeps up, I'll probably
> increase the amount & frequency of my handouts to street people, to help
> offset the increased disease incidence I'm contributing.

Whatever you think is right...


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